“Thanks for all your assistance with the manual. We’ve heard nothing but great feedback!”
Tania Brudler, Program Analyst
Alberta Children and Youth Services


Marie copy-edited a collection of memoir essays that I wrote. She was a consummate professional and delivered everything on time and within budget. She also brought great passion and skill to my project. She is not only a deep expert on Canadian and American spelling, phrasing and grammar, but a knowledgeable and dedicated advocate for family memoir, record-keeping, and archiving.

David Stewart, Palo Alto, California

“I want you to know how much I enjoyed working with you on these two papers. It’s such a delight to work with someone who is so skilled and who cares about the craft of writing! … Thanks again.”

Dr. Jeff Bisanz
Co-Chair, Edmonton Council for Early Learning and Child Care

“Thank you for this brilliant piece of work. I know how much additional research you have done on this report and it is appreciated. Also, the way you’ve tied the ideas together is amazing. Thank you again for all your work. It is truly appreciated.”

Tara Stang, Senior Program Manager
Muttart Foundation

“In a sector that gets characterized, more often than I care to say, as ‘your children, your problem,’ the position paper is one of the best, most comprehensive and well thought out documents that I have read. It is without a doubt a significant document not just for Alberta, but the thinking, reasoning and comprehensiveness resonates for all of Canada.”

Don Giesbrecht, CEO/PDG
Canadian Child Care Federation

“I employed Marie Lesoway on numerous occasions in my 55 years with Hemisphere Engineering. During my 20 years as CEO, I delivered 100s of speeches and presentations to key stakeholders. Marie helped me turn my drafts into impressive professional products that told our corporate stories with power and passion. People who heard these stories sat up and took notice. They were moved. They were inspired. They were persuaded to take action.

One example is the presentation I made to the City of Edmonton when the public was invited to have their say about the new arena, Rogers Place. Marie did an outstanding job of turning my notes into a compelling presentation that told Edmonton’s story and made city councillors take serious consideration of what I had to say. In fact, one councillor called to tell me that my presentation had convinced him to support the arena project.

When I needed to deliver a powerful message, I always called on Marie. I knew I could count on her to tell the story of my company and our projects with conviction, elegance and wit. She’s real good at what she does.”

John W. Chomiak, Past President and CEO
Hemisphere Engineering Inc.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on this project, Marie! I am very happy with your work and thankful for your attention to all of the detail.”

Kathy Clarke, Innovations and Evaluations Lead
Alberta Labour

“Thank you for your hard work and commitment, and for capturing the true essence of AECEA and what it stands for. Your research and writing skills and your eloquence in capturing our history have given us a document we are proud of. Thank you for challenging us to make some concrete decisions that will guide our work as we move forward. It would be a privilege to serve as a reference for you.”

Manna Middleton, Board Chair
Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta

“Pentacle Productions has always delivered top-notch, thorough, and thoughtful editing. Marie fosters a great client-supplier relationship, and she’s serious about providing the service that her client needs.”

Meric Moir, Project Support Assistant
Government of Alberta

“Marie is a dedicated professional with a remarkable ability to assimilate complex issues and transform them into comprehensible prose. Her commitment to delivery is exceptional: she gets the job done no matter what it takes. It has been a great pleasure working with her...”

Rick Cowburn, Principal of Vidya Knowledge Systems and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)

“Many thanks for your relentless persistence and attention to detail!”

Caroline Wagenaar, Training Consultant
Alberta Children’s Services

"I’ve always been very pleased with the quality of work done by Pentacle Productions. The writing is outstanding and the research behind the writing is very thorough, ensuring that the final product is exactly what is needed. I look forward to working with Pentacle again!"

Matt Becigneul, Policy Analyst
Alberta Liquor and Gaming Commission

“You are a very conscientious and dedicated writer, and I very much appreciated having you in charge of writing our final report for the Future Summit. I knew it was in good hands!”

Hazel Cail, MLA Liaison and Implementation Coordinator
Alberta Future Summit 2002

“Thank you for your hard work on the RMRC report. I really enjoyed your writing style. I sure wish all the technical reports I have to read had your stamp of approval on them.”

Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)

“Excellent piece. I’m very pleased with this.
The writing in your piece is crisp but not in any way stilted. It is business-to-business without being an ad.”

Tom Button, Editor
Country Guide magazine

“Working with Marie was a pleasure; it is refreshing to collaborate with someone who has a true passion for learning. With great organizational skills and attention to detail, Marie delivers a quality product and is committed, flexible and very easy to work with!”

Lyanne Foster, Communications Manager
Alberta Prion Research Institute

“Thank you so much for your excellent work editing and rewriting this resource. It has certainly undergone a dramatic transformation thanks to your contributions.”

Yvonne Phillion, Project Coordinator
Alberta Employment and Immigration

“I feel very confident when the newsletter is in Pentacle’s hands. Their writing and editorial skills, organizational abilities…and project completion capabilities are nothing short of excellent!”

Darka Tarnawsky, President
Bottom Line Productions, Inc.

“It was certainly a pleasure working with you. Your ability to quickly grasp topics of which you had little previous knowledge and hit the ground ‘writing’ was critical to our success in completing our project under very tight timelines.”

Hazel Cail, MLA Liaison and Implementation Coordinator
Alberta Future Summit 2002

“The report captures and articulates those parts of the conceptual design work that are most important. Excellent job. I’m very impressed. Thanks for all the hard work and long hours.”

Graham Jenkinson
Petroleum information technology consultant

“Pentacle Productions has demonstrated an admirable capacity for understanding and implementing research approaches that were new to them, and for reporting their results in comprehensive manuscripts in specified formats. I am pleased to recommend their research and writing services.”

Carl Betke, PhD
former Chief of Research, Historic Sites Service, Alberta Culture

“Thanks for the great work! The resources Pentacle developed have become the benchmark for excellence for other learning materials in our organization.”

Maureen Konrad, Manager, Collaborative Technology
Alberta Children’s Services

“Thanks for all your assistance with the manual. We’ve heard nothing but great feedback!”

Tania Brudler, Program Analyst
Alberta Children and Youth Services

“I’m really happy with this document. I think it will be a useful tool for our supervisors. And I’m sure they’ll find the conversational tone a refreshing change from most of the documents they read. As always, its been a pleasure working with you!”

Caroline Wagenaar, Training Consultant
Alberta Children’s Services

“As always, I appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to excellence!”

Leann Wagner, Senior Manager
Alberta Children’s Services

“Your report was excellent, and I commend you for the effort you put into it.”

Steve Marissink, Director, Victims Programs
Alberta Solicitor General and Public Security

“Thanks so much for all your hard work on our submission. You did a great job under very difficult timelines! If you ever need us to tell a potential client what a fine job you did, don’t hesitate to let us know.”

David Anderson, Executive Director
Alberta School Boards Association

“My editors and I are really pleased! The tone is much more friendly and accessible ….and the info is useful and interesting.”

Andriy Nahachewsky, PhD
Director, Huculak Chair of Ukrainian Culture and Ethnography, University of Alberta

“It was a pleasure/honour working with you. You take even more care and effort in smithing words professionally/creatively than I do myself! It’d be kool 2 work with U 2 again.”

Maurice Brunelle, Technical Coordinator, Provincial Videoconferencing Initiative
Alberta Children’s Services

“…[Pentacle Productions] took the complexities of our Executive Committee discussions and transformed them into statements of vision, mission and values that could be grasped and lived by everyone in our organization.”

Richard M. Hyndman, PhD
Deputy Minister, Alberta Department of Energy

“Marie, you are spinning fine silk out of the sow’s ears that we have been throwing at you. Tremendous! Remarkable!”

Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)