“Thank you for your hard work on the RMRC report. I really enjoyed your writing style. I sure wish all the technical reports I have to read had your stamp of approval on them.”
Nat Treadway, Managing Partner, Distributed Energy Financial Group and RMRC member
Retail Market Review Committee (appointed by Alberta’s Minister of Energy)
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Preparing for the Future: Building a Foundation for Student Success

prepared for the Alberta School Boards Association

the assignment

    • to produce a professional, clearly written position paper that presented ASBA’s position on public education and made a strong case for association-proposed recommendations

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intended audience

    • the Government of Alberta Commission on Learning
    • Alberta School Boards Association members
    • the public


    • consultation with ASBA’s executive to frame the purpose and structure of the position paper
    • consultation with six task force groups and with consultants who had conducted surveys or gathered research data
    • development of recommendations based on the research results
    • definition and approval of key messages
    • development of a story line for the publication
    • development of a document-specific style sheet
    • consultation with ASBA’s board of directors, who approved the final format, tone and content of the position paper